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More than 50 000 pages translated
When a legal document is translated into another language, the meaning must remain exactly the same because even minor changes could have potentially catastrophic consequences. Moreover, the sentences are often long and complex. All this makes legal documents some of the most difficult to translate and even a contract of only a few pages can take a good few hours to translate. And this is where we step in, with our practical experience with legal translations and in-depth knowledge of the Czech legal terminology and the British/ U.S. legal terminology, which has been already put to good use in more than 50 000 pages translated.

On the market since 1995 We have over two decades of experience in communicating our customers’ legal content in a clear and correct language, using the precise terminology.

High-quality translations & proofreading Our reputation for providing top quality legal translations and proofreading is supported by attention to detail and the legal concepts and terminology covered in your documents.

Reliability & commitment to customer satisfaction Our document translations are always delivered on budget and in a timely manner, with the best quality resources. Your legal documents are handled securely and customized with translation solutions that are best suited to your needs, all this to assure customer satisfaction.